Hello, my name is Rachael McMahon and welcome to the beautiful new look of Made From Scratch! Below is a little bit about how I started blogging and where Made From Scratch began, thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do. x

The Made From Scratch story

As you’ve probably already guessed, I absolutely love to bake. I learnt how to ‘bake by touch’ and rarely follow a recipe by spending most of my childhood hovering next to my Grandma in her kitchen in my home town of Rockhampton, Australia. Still to this day my ‘happy place’ is to spend a day in our kitchen dreaming up new recipes, baking, and of course getting to share that delicious treat with the people I love. Baking to me is all about sharing, and it’s the core of Made From Scratch.

In 2004 my family and I moved from Australia to Auckland, New Zealand. A completely life changing move. I met my now husband, Ben, in high school and we’ve been together ever since - through two university degrees, traveling, getting married, buying a house, one masters degree and of course starting a small business.

From 2008- 2009 my husband, then fiancée, Ben and I did our big O.E! For two years we we’re ‘offline’ and it was absolute bliss!

I had no idea what a blog was, why people were online or why anyone even used Facebook! So while we were staying with very good friends of ours in chilly Vancouver, just before we were to arrive back in New Zealand, my friend introduced me to blogs and what I’d been missing out on for two years. On a particularly cold winters day she took me to the Etsy markets. I had no idea what they were but it was a lovely excuse to get out of the house. I’d never, and still haven’t, seen anything like this market. It was incredible and I instantly fell in love with this world. I collected, and still have, every business card I could get my hands on to find out more about how everything was made with such love by these beautiful small businesses.

We arrived back home in Auckland, New Zealand towards the end of 2009 and I started planning our wedding for October 2010 and getting back into my favourite hobby in the whole world, baking! A few months before our wedding Ben suggested that I start a blog to share recipes that I’d been baking and also to share our wedding. I thought he was completely mad, as no one would ever read what I had to share, and why would I blog?? Thankfully he ignored me and by the time I’d finished cooking dinner he’d thought of a name and coded and built Made From Scratch. I now had a blog and I had to start the next day. I truly love that it’s Ben who you all can thank for Made From Scratch!

I started blogging every day, emailing everyone and anyone who also had a blog or small business, sharing bits and pieces from our wedding and of course delicious recipes - please excuse my amateur photography from my early days, I love that it’s there as it’s a constant reminder of how much I’ve learnt since starting.

2012 - 2013

Made From Scratch continued to grow day by day and I decided to rebrand for the first time in 2012. Shortly after I decided to take the terrifying leap and turned Made From Scratch into a small business. From then I started hosting baking classes in my home and other beautiful venues (these quickly turned into a weekly event and will forever be one of my most favourite memories), social media classes, workshops, baking wedding cakes for beautiful brides, styled shoots and of course blogging. 2013 was a complete blur for me personally and professionally, as I merged my two loves into a business - blogging and social media consultancy.

At the start of 2014 Ben and I decided to do a full rebrand of Made From Scratch with de-construct. We wanted to take it to another level, push some very large boundaries and align the style with me a little more with a shiny new identity. I have no idea what will come after this new look, all I know is that I’m so excited and I can’t wait!

If you want to get in touch with Made From Scratch, please don’t be shy – get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. Email me on hello at madefromscratch dot co dot nz or fill out the simple form below.

Made From Scratch is a lifestyle blog that follows my interests from year to year and features everything from home decor, baking, fashion, weddings and other celebrations. My favourite part about blogging is sharing work from other bloggers, stylists and creative folk - I’d be so honoured to share your work with my followers. Take a peek at the info below, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


Weddings: Please include up to 30 photos for weddings, engagement or styled shoots – ranging from detail shots, bride and groom, ceremony, reception, flowers, etc without watermarks and the links to your website and all vendors details when submitting your work. As well as a little about you and the day.

Products: Please include between 10-20 photos of your product without watermarks. And, of course a little about you and your work.

Recipes: Please include 5-10 photos of your delicious recipe, clean styled photos are best, along with your recipe and a little story about you and the recipe. If you would like to submit a recipe for me to make and photograph for you, please let me know in the email.


Please send your email to hello(at)madefromscratch(dot)co(dot)nz with the subject “My Submission”, please note the images must be high res and no smaller than 780px wide. Also note that not all items submitted are guaranteed to feature, I will contact you to confirm if your work will be submitted to the blog. Submissions can come from brides, photographers, any wedding vendor, home bakers and foodies as well as physical or online shops. The copyright for the work must be held by you or you must have permission to use the material you submit.

Thank you so much, I hope to hear from you soon!