A little while ago I had the absolute pleasure of attending a delicious Italian afternoon tea to learn about, and enjoy what makes up the Italian food and wine culture. I traveled through Italy only briefly years ago and, like almost everyone, completely fell in love with the food, wine and of course culture of entertaining and enjoying others company. The afternoon tea was centred around enjoying glasses of delicious sparkling wine by Riccadonna, I hadn’t tried their wine’s in such a long time and just sitting around the table that afternoon with a glass of Prosecco or Ruby, I quickly remembered the lazy and enjoyable lunches and evenings that were spent in Italy.

And especially as the festive/silly season is well and truly here, I want to find the time to spend lazy afternoons and lunches with my friends sipping on sparkling wine, share desserts and enjoy their company. Desserts this time of the year also don’t at all have to be time consuming to be beautiful and delicious, the little tartlets below take no time to make and are a lovely treat to whip up for any event this season, or simply serve for dessert at some point on Christmas Day along side a glass of Riccadonna Ruby. I hope you all have a truly lovely weekend planned. xo