One of my hubby’s all time favourite desserts is apple or fruit crumble, his family has been making it for years and is a regular feature at any family dinner. So much so that I quickly had to master my own crumble recipe, and now that it’s Autumn it’s a perfect time to pull out the classic’s again. My favourite part about any crumble is that you can add whatever fruit you like, anything from apples, pears, plums, apricots, the last of the summer berries or of course keep it classic with just apples and a touch of cinnamon.

Over the year’s I’ve found that the ‘secret’ behind a perfect crumble is to stew the fruit first, it gives the crumble so much more flavour especially when stewed with vanilla! I’d love to hear what you think of my Classic Apple Crumble recipe, and of course what recipe you love to make for your family as the seasons start to change. x