Happy Friday everyone, I hope you all had a lovely week. With summer well and truly almost here all I feel like doing in the kitchen is whipping up incredibly simple recipes to enjoy in the warm sun. After a big clean up in the kitchen the other day I found our milkshake maker that was gifted to us at our wedding, we served milkshakes at our wedding so we’ve a bit of a soft spot for them, so decided I had to whip up a few for us. My only annoyance with milkshakes is that have to have quite a few things to make a truly amazing one - you know like good quality chocolate, ice cream, chocolate sauce, etc. On a recent trip to the dairy Ben grabbed a small and absolutely divine tub of Tip Top’s Crammed Choc Eruption -  have you had it yet, do, it’s amazing! Anyway we thought it would be perfect for a milkshake because not only is the ice-cream divine but it has delicious chocolate sauce and chunks of brownies already nestled into it - we were right, it’s probably one of the best milkshakes we’ve ever tried and the best part is that we now only need two ingredients to make a truly amazing class chocolate milkshake! x
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Classic Chocolate Milkshake

of course milkshake recipes can be completely adapted to your liking - if you want it thicker, add less milk and more ice-cream. This ‘recipe’ serves one, but of course can be doubled to serve more. Or even better blend it all together in a blender so you have more for everyone. 
1 cup of your chosen milk
2-3 scoops of Tip Top Crammed Choc Eruption
Combine both the milk and delicious choc eruption ice cream in either a milkshake maker or blender - blend until you’re happy with the consistency. Serve in a mason jar and a cute straw with a dollop of ice cream on top or fresh strawberries. Enjoy! x
You can buy these gorgeous mason jars with handles from Freedom. x