Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a truly wonderful weekend and we’re able to spoil your amazing Dad rotten for Fathers Day yesterday! My Dad has a huge soft spot for anything vanilla, vanilla ice cream, cheesecake, cake, fudge you name it it’s always been his go to - I also get the most lovely emails from him most day’s that are either to do with blogging, what’s happening in the world or delicious recipes that he’s stumbled upon and would like me to bake. I got an email from him last week with a link to a delicious vanilla slice recipe with simply “yes please” in the subject line - so I couldn’t think of anything more perfect than trying a wonderful new recipe and of course handing him a plate full of perfectly flakey, silky smooth Vanilla Slice for Fathers Day! I hope everyone had a really lovely day yesterday, if you’re a fan of vanilla slice you simply must try this recipe, it’s so delicious! x

Adapted by the lovely Debbie Skillet for GoodFood