I’m lucky enough to come from a family of very good gardeners, there truly isn’t anything that my Mum, Grandma and Grandad couldn’t grow between them - everything from mango orchards, walls of bright pink bougainvillea, delicate archways of jasmine or rose’s too beautiful to pick, they’re talented beyond belief when it comes to gardening and I’m so happy that they passed their love of it on. I can’t remember any part of my life where I wasn’t wandering through the garden with my Grandma helping her water the plants and learn all their names or spending hours in the garden with my Mum landscaping and creating beautiful beds of flowers that we admire for years to come - they are the times and memories I’ll cherish the most.

I can, and easily do, spend hours in the garden either digging up a new garden, planting or pruning new blooms or simply maintaining it - along with creating new recipes, it’s truly my happy place as it’s such a joy to watch something come to life, spend time outside and get your body moving. It’s bliss, plus who doesn’t love the idea of picking beautiful flowers from your garden to decorate your home with! So to celebrate this lovely Summer weather we’ve been having that allows us to venture outside a little more, and of course that Christmas is only a matter of sleeps away I thought I’d share my Christmas Gift Guide for Gardeners this year - even if you are a budding garnered or seasoned green thumb I’ve no doubt you’ll love these gift ideas! x

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