Summer really is right around the corner and that means ice cream weather - it quickly becomes a little tradition of ours to wander to the dairy (corner shop) and get a ice cream while we go for a evening stroll, it’s just such a lovely way to spend a evening! So I thought what could be more perfect than whipping up a quick ice cream treat for yourself or your friends when they come over for a lazy summer BBQ.
Whenever I make a batch of ginger thins I always freeze half of the mixture so that I can whip up a few cookies whenever the mood strikes, there is something so lovely about having a homemade cookie without having to do any prep work. I’m also yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have a tub of delicious Tip Top Hokey Pokey Ice Cream tucked safely away in their freezer - it’s an absolute kiwi icon and is such a crowd pleaser. So I thought what could be more perfect than combining delicious crispy ginger thins with smooth crunchy hokey pokey and making a a few ice cream sandwich - the end result is amazing and the best part is how wonderfully simple they are to whip up for any summer party. x
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Ginger Thin & Hokey Pokey Ice-cream Sandwiches

1 batch of Ginger Thins
1 x 2L tub of Tip Top Hokey Pokey Ice cream
Preaheat oven to 160°C and line a baking tray with baking paper. Make the cookies a little bigger than normal and bake for 10min - allow to cool completely on a wire rack before adding a generous scoop of hokey pokey ice cream and sandwiching with a similar sized cookie. Serve immediately - you can pop them back into the freezer for a few minutes if needed.

Serving suggestions

Serve your ice-cream in a loaf tin with mis-matched vintage spoons for everyone to help themselves. Providing little paper cups and spoons for everyone will help them keep hold of any drips or slips they might have with their ice cream sandwich - and of course delicious toppings, sauces and sprinkles are always a good idea! x

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