I love Date Night (yep, it needs capital letters). Because I work full time & have my own illustration business, it’s rare to be able to have a night off without thinking about anything work related. But having one night a week dedicated to having a good meal out (if only just as a formality before dessert) and to give yourself a break makes a huge difference. It’s a chance to perhaps look that extra bit nicer (lipstick!), pick out where you’re going, maybe try that place you’ve been meaning to for ages or stay at your local. Sometimes the anticipation of Date Night makes the rest of the week go faster too! However, nobody said Date Night couldn’t be on the couch in your jammies with some take out pizza & wine. Some of my most relaxing nights have been curled up in bed with Downton Abbey…If it means you work a little harder the other 6 days to have that one night off, so be it - it’s worth it.

What do you guys do for Date Night?