I’ve always found it so lovely that lemons are in season during winter - it’s almost like nature wants to remind us of brighter things on gloomy winter days. So because this week has been particularly gloomy, yesterday afternoon I whipped up a batch of delicious and very simple Lemon, Almond and Coconut Friands - not only is the texture of these small cakes divine, they’re also incredible adaptable. You can easily switch the lemon and coconut for raspberry and white chocolate or a classic lime friand - the possibilities are truly endless, and of course delicious! I’d love to hear what your favourite friand flavour is.

I’m also so excited to share that I’ve been asked by the truly lovely and talented Lauren Kelp to be a guest blogger on her beautiful blog - as it’s summer in the states Lauren is generously sharing a few of my older recipes, but shortly I’ll be sharing exclusive recipes for Lauren. If you haven’t had a peek at her work yet, you must, it’s so beautiful! I hope everyone has a lovely day planned and are tucked up somewhere warm away from the rain. x