It has been far too long since I have shared a cake recipe for you, I have really missed pottering in the kitchen and creating delicious new recipes to share. So I am very happy to share this lovely and wonderfully simple Lemon and Coconut Cake that is perfect to make this winter while there is an abundance of fresh lemons. As much as I adore creating beautiful cakes with gorgeous icing. There is also something so lovely and wholesome about creating a simple and delicious recipe that takes no time to make, and one that you’re able to share with friends and family as soon as possible.

I have always loved sourcing good quality ingredients to cook and bake with - from fresh lemons picked from your tree or generously given to you by friends, or of course adding Organic Anchor Milk to your favourite baking recipes. It’s such a delicious and exciting time for foodies as we are now so spoilt to be able to add such wonderful produce to our lives. I’d love to hear what your favourite recipe is to bake for your friends and family. x