I’m terribly sorry for how quite the blog has been over the past week. I’ve been lying very very low with an awful head and chest cold - it’s been a week of sleeping, pinning, admiring instagram and watching an embarrassing amount of gossip girl. Thankfully though I can tell when I’m done with being sick and almost better when I start cleaning the house and baking. So to celebrate the end of a lousy week I’ve whipped up the most delicious Lemon and Coconut Loaf that’s perfect for a little winter weekend baking - it’s easily one of my favourite recipes as it takes no time at all to make and of course is so delicious is never lasts longer than a day. The recipe below includes a beautiful lemon drizzle icing that adds a delicious burst of lemon to the top, I left this loaf un-iced as I plan on toasting a slice or two over the weekend for brunch or afternoon tea. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned. x