It’s been such a busy and truly amazing week since the launch of my new site, I don’t feel like I’ve been able to sit back and enjoy it just yet, still I’m beyond honoured and so flattered by all of your truly lovely comments about the new site. Thank you all so very much! I find that on the busiest of days I turn to Instagram for a little ‘inspiration pick me up’ it works every time, it’s such an amazing and visual place admire. One of my absolute favourite galleries that I’ve just stumbled upon recently belongs to the truly lovely, and very talented, Lisa Diederich Photography. If you haven’t taken a peek at her work yet do, it’s so refined, elegant and impossibly inviting that you will easily find yourself liking every image on her beautifully styled instagram gallery. For those needing a little end of week inspiration pick me up, take a peek at Lisa’s stunning work, I’ve no doubt you will adore it x