A little while ago there was some very excited murmuring around the home decor world that Nest was retuning, and thank goodness the rumours were true because this iconic New Zealand homewares shop has re-opened their beautiful and well styled doors to a very excited fan base. We were lucky enough to have our wedding registry with Nest and I’m beyond thrilled that their back and of course stocking some of the most beautiful kitchen, serveware and of course linen - their classic, beachy, and forever stylish range really is something that will last a lifetime - plus I’m a tiny bit obsesses, with their new enamel and ceramic ranges, they’re beyond stunning! For those who were a fan, you’ll be pleased to know that their beautiful new store is open in Newton, Auckland, otherwise you can of course shop online and admire their beautiful lookbook! It’s so so wonderful to have you back Nest. x