Last week I had the absolute pleasure of having a one on one style consult with Ben from Ryder Salon in Britomart. I’ve walked past this gorgeous salon so many times and was beyond thrilled to be invited by their amazing team to learn a few of their favourite Autumn Hair Trends this year. Aside from falling in love with the blonde wood decor and art in this stunning space, I was warmly greeted with a perfect flat white, chocolate and was shown a few fantastic tricks to styling a perfect pony tail, loose waves, knotted ponytail and knotted bun. Inspiration was taken from the latest trends, Ben’s favourite magazines, love of natural, effortless ‘Parisian’ hair dressed with pins and clips and of course, pinterest.

One of the lovely things about taking the time to talk though hair styles that you love with a stylist is that you quickly find out what your own style is. I’m rather minimalist/lazy/pretty clueless when it comes to hair, so it was wonderful to be able to learn the tricks of the trade to achieve those effortless styles at home and with only a few steps, tools and knowledge that you really can’t ‘break’ your hair. Below are the styles that Ben was kind enough to show me, his tricks to styling these beautiful looks this Autumn and a rare peek of me behind the camera. I’d love to hear what your favourite hairstyles are this season and of course how you go trying these styles at home. x


To anyone who finds it takes way too long to blow-dry your hair each morning will love this. Ben’s advice for the very best results for beautiful hair, is to only wash it around 2-3 times per week (of course more if it’s really dirty) and in between washes use your favourite dry shampoo or mousse. Both will help add ‘grit’ to your hair that will then help style it quickly. To achieve all of the gorgeous looks above, it’s all about prep, here are a few simple steps that Ben told me that will get you out the door faster and looking stunning this autumn.

+ spray the roots of your hair with dry shampoo, tie in a loose bun or top not and allow to sit while you’re doing your makeup, or checking emails. Once you’re ready to do your hair it will be so much easier to manage, simply brush out and style.

+ add a generous amount of your favourite mousse to dry hair, and simply blow dry. If you’re handy with a barrel brush this is a perfect way to add more volume, or you can quickly ‘blast’ your hair until the mousse has dried and isn’t tacky to touch.

+ invest in a good hairbrush. I was lucky enough to try the coveted Mason Peason, it’s now on my wish list and am still blown away by how it transformed by gym hair into a sleek glossy style by just brushing!

Below are a few of the gorgeous styles that Ben showed me how to master at home, they are so perfect for updating your look this Autumn and easy enough to try without too much panic. Be sure to get in touch with Ben, and the lovely folk at Ryder if you are in need of a beautiful new hairstyle this Autumn.

perfect ponytail

1. Prep your hair

2. Brush your hair into place - either with part at the front or not

3. tightly secure with a clear elastic

4. to create height at your crown/above your pony tail. Push a ‘tail’ comb, or knitting needle under your hair and gently lift out/up to create added hight, you can gently tease up with a comb too if you wish.

5. section a small piece of hair from under your pony tail. Starting from end of the hair tie, quickly wrap the hair around your hair tie towards your head and secure with a pin underneath.

6. mist your beautiful pony tail with hair spray and your done.

knotted ponytail

1. repeat steps, 1 to 3 from a perfect pony tail.

2. once your hair is tied up, gently pull the elastic away from your head and using either a tail comb or knitting needle create a ‘hole’ at between your head and the elastic.

3. gently, but quickly, roll the pony tail through the top of the hole.

4 Either leave the knot as is, and mist with hair spray, or roll on it’s self again and secure with pins. Add your favourite clip for a perfect knotted bun.

loose waves

1. prep your hair with dry shampoo or mousse

2. Blow dry as normal, or add volume with a barrel brush.

3. starting around your ear, section your hair into generous pieces. Using a curling iron start towards the top of your head and gently twist half of section around the barrel, carefully touch to check that your hair isn’t getting to hot.

4. release the first half of the curl, and allow to fall. Gently curl the rest of the section in the opposite direction - release the section and gently pull on the curl to help it fall.

5. Repeat the above steps all the way around your hair, mist with hair spray and you now have a beautiful loose wave hair style.

tip: don’t be afraid to brush out your curls for a softer, more Parisian look.

Knotted Bun

1. Prep your hair

2. section your hair into two parts, can be in the middle of your hair or at the base of your neck.

3. plait two braids next to each other, tie into a knot, tuck the top braid over the bun and secure with pins.

4. mist with hairspray

tip: style the above hair style with freshly still wet/damp hair. When you take the style out at the end of the day you will be left with the most beautiful natural waves.

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