This has been the first weekend in months that I have had a little time to stop - it’s such a rare moment and I’m thoroughly enjoying every lazy and relaxing minute. Inspired by the Nespresso event that I attended last week, the start of my weekend has been very very slow and I have enjoyed adding a little, much needed zen into my day. So much so that breakfast moved well past brunch time and it has been so lovely to sit outside in the warm, yet sometimes freezing, winter sun and enjoy a lazy breakfast and cup, or two of coffee. To me this is total bliss and something I so with I could do more of. Below is one of my favourite recipes that I like to make over the weekend, I’ve never been into creating fussy breakfast meals that take ages to prepare, more a delicious combination of flavours that you can add too if you wish. I hope you’re all having a truly lovely and relaxing weekend. x