6Before we bought our home (please excuse the terribly out of date photos!) in 2011, Ben and I lived in the cutest (but coldest) little apartment in the city - we had such a fantastic time living right in the middle of Ponsonby and being able to wander to shops, cafes and restaurants whenever we wanted, plus having all our friends live close by was so wonderful. We absolutely adore our home and we’re so proud of what we’ve done to it, but we still talk about the ‘ease’ of living in an apartment sometimes - which quickly turns into dreaming about said apartment having to be in either New York, Paris or Sydney. I stumbled upon this beautiful Stockholm apartment via Coco Lapine Design a while ago and have been completely smitten with it - I adore the light and how simple and tidy everything with soft touches of gold, white and navy. It really does show that you don’t need a lot of space to have a beautiful home. x

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