With winter well and truly here, it’s not only time to pull out your winter wardrobe (which I have to admit I’m beyond excited about, there is something so lovely and cozy about boots, jackets and scarfs!) but also adjust your beauty routine and look after your skin in the cooler months. A few weeks ago I shared a few of the best cleansers to help transition your skin from summer to winter. But now, it’s all about getting rid of dull skin and adding some much needed moisture to keep your skin looking and feeling it’s best during the winter months.

I have to admit that I’ve always been a touch too lazy to exfoliate my skin, until a friend of mine told me to not stress about it too much and add it to your evening routine once or twice a week. I was so surprised by how quickly my skin started to look better after just a few days and was so thrilled that it’s now just second nature, and I have no become a touch obsessed with finding the perfect exfoliator and moisturiser to match. Take a peek below for my favourites this winter, all are very easy to come by, do incredible things for your skin and are something just for you. x

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AVEENO® SMART ESSENTIALS® Daily Nourishing Moisturiser SPF 30

RRP $19.99

There is nothing better you can do for your skin than wearing a moisturise with suncream, be sure to start your day the smart way by replenishing and protecting skin from environmental stressors with the AVEENO® SMART ESSENTIALS® Daily Nourishing Moisturiser SPF 30. Highly nourishing, the exclusive combination of ACTIVE NATURALS® Southernwood and vitamins helps strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier while SPF 30 provides essential sun protection – exactly what you need for the autumn season.

Neutrogena® Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub

RRP $15.99

This purifying cleanser not only smells incredible it gently scrubs away impurities and dull, dead skin cells to reveal a fresh, clear complexion. Kind enough for daily use - even on sensitive skin – use this naturally derived formula to get your skin looking it’s best all year round.

Neutrogena® Hydro Boost™ Water Gel

RRP $29.99

Give parched, winter skin an intense boost of hydration with the Neutrogena® Hydro Boost™ Water Gel. Formulated with highly purified Hyaluronic Acid - which can absorb up to 1,000 times its weight in water – the silky gel formula double’s skins moisture in just one hour, leaving you with gorgeous, glowing skin.

O Cosmedics Exfoliating Cleanser

RRP $79.00

A cleanser and scrub in one, O Cosmedics’ Exfoliating Cleanser is empowered with not one but four physical exfoliating beads (cranberry seeds, jojoba beads,diatomaceous earth and hydrated silicone crystals) to offer the skin an invigorating cleansing experience, leaving you feeling super hydrated, radiant and awakened for those winter months ahead.