My incredible Mum taught me to cook, my gorgeous Grandma taught me how to bake. Whats interesting is that they weren’t doing anything special- every night I would hang out with my Mum in the kitchen while she was cooking dinner and watch her, it was and still is our time to chat and see how each other are. My Grandam was the same, every school holidays we would be at her place and she would bake. I love watching her bake and she knows every recipe by heart and still uses a old china tea cup as her one cup measure.
I’m want to share this because I think it is probably the most wonderful gift that you could ever pass on to you’re children, grandchildren or anyone that you love. I have just watched Jamie Oliver speak on TED (below) and I was blown away by how many children don’t know how to cook, or scarier still think that tomatoes are potatoes! There are so many benefits to teaching you’re children how to cook and so many ways to do so, there is a wonderful Mum called Phyllis Grant who runs a very inspirational blog called Dash and Bella (named after her two children) she cooks with them almost every day, but doesn’t believe in kids food. Its amazing that her 3 year old son and 7 year old daughter will try almost anything and its purely because she involves them in the cooking process. Plus everything they make looks so delicious!
If you have children or are around them on a regular basis. Teach them how to cook and bake, take them to farmers markets and show them all the wonderful types of food available and that food doesn’t have to come out of a processed box! I can almost guarantee it will be the single greatest gift that you can give your beautiful child.