Happy Monday everyone, even though it’s a little gloomy and rainy today after the most perfect summers weekend - that doesn’t mean that summer isn’t still still here, or that delicious summer drinks can’t be made up to cool down on a beautiful day. I’m so thrilled to be working alongside Tip Top Ice Cream again this year and am incredibly honoured to share my first recipe of 2014. With more beautiful summer days to come I couldn’t think of anything more perfect than whipping up a few delicious, incredibly refreshing and oh so easy Tropical Summer Crush -  with the long weekend coming up I’ve a feeling this delicious drink will quickly become a staple in your home this summer. x
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Tropical Summer Crush

serves 4 - 6
2 cups of ice
2 pineapple crush fruju’s
2 grapefruit and lemon fruju’s
6 strawberries - tops removed
1 1/2 cups of water - or soda water
Place the ice into a blender and blend until just crushed - add the remaining ingredients and blend until you have the consistency that you want. You may need to move around the ice a little in the blender so that everything is crushed - pour into chilled glasses, top with fresh mint and enjoy! x