I always find that Monday is the busiest day of the week, it’s a wonderfully manic day of catching up on emails, lovely social media comments, planning meetings and of course what I want to share on Made From Scratch. I’ve been asked by a few lovely ladies who have their own blogs what sort of ‘tips and tricks’ I have to keep on top of everything - for me, planning is key. And lists, I love to write lists. I’m known to have a notebook in every handbag, room in our house and at least two in the car at all times for whenever inspiration strikes. I also keep a “working document’ close by so that I can take look over it at the start of the week so that I know what projects I’m working on and what I have to do. It contains lists of ideas, people to get in touch with and who I am working with so that I never loose track of what’s going on - it takes a little time to set up but once it is, you’ll find it incredibly helpful.

Below is a small list of my favourite time management tools that help me stay sane, even on the busiest of days and above is a beautiful round up of some of my favourite office and paper goods to keep me inspired. I’d love to hear from anyone that does run their own business and what tips, tricks and tools you use to keep on top of everything. I hope everyone has a lovely and productive week planned. x

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Evernote: a truly brilliant online note keeping tool that helps you make notebooks, save images and create notes and to do lists, plus the best part it links to all of your devices!

Trello: My husband introduced me to this amazing online project management tool a a little while ago - it’s all about creating list’s for projects that you’re working on and cards for anything involved in that project. For example, I have a Made From Scratch board, and a list for blog post ideas and then cards inside that board cards for any new ideas I come up with. It’s so helpful and I wish I’d found it sooner!
Reminders: I use the reminders app on my iPhone for anything I need to do/remember. It’s a great place to quickly type things that you need to do, and it’s so handy that you can set a location reminder! It’s one of the most used apps on my phone and I love it.
VSCO: it’s not really a time management tool, but I use it to take, and keep, all the photos that I plan to share on instagram - you’d be surprised how much time it will save you knowing that all your photos are in one place and you don’t have to trawl through the countless photos on your phone.
I hope these tips help a little with planning your day, I’d love to hear of how you manage your time best. x

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