Whoa what a wild week of weather we’re having at the moment, I hope that everyone is warm, dry and safe. I am loving the idea’s floating around the blogging world of gifts in jars, I think they’re so sweet and there are endless ideas! For someone who loves to bake, what could be a better gift this Christmas than some homemade vanilla essence or simply some delicious vanila beans? Its so easy to do and I guarantee the lucky person recieving this will love it, I made some as a gift for our bridesmaids last year and they’re still raving about it. xx
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Vanilla Essence

Whats great about this ‘recipe’ is that you can make as much or as little as you like, also every time that you use the seeds from a vanilla pod - don’t throw the pod out, just add it to your jar and your essence will just get better and better over time. 
Any size mason/airtight jar that you like
3 - 4 vanilla beans - for 1/5L I have 6, split lengthways and deseeded
Sterilise your mason jar by washing throughly with warm soapy water, rinse, then place into your oven. Bring the temp to 110°C and leave for 5-10min, then turn your oven off and allow the jar to cool before taking it out of the oven - if you don’t it can crack especially on cooler days.
Once your jar is sterilised, fill the jar with vodka, add the vanilla beans and seeds, seal the jar and shake to combine. Store in a cool dark spot for 6-8 weeks and shake every week. Of course the more vanilla beans that you add to the vodka the stronger the flavour will be! Enjoy. x