1. Picnic 2. Wedding Dress 3. Snow 4. Tea-lights 5. Dessert Table 6. Spiced Apple Cake 7. Hot Chocolate 8. Pine cone Bouquet 9. Favors 10. Table Setting
Winter is well and truly here now, and for some oh so lucky brides to be they’ll be getting married soon. I love winter weddings, there is something so special about them the sound of fresh snow {if your lucky enough to live where is snows} and beautifully layered dresses. It’s also a wonderful excuse to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate with your guests and share some spiced apple cake with warm caramel sauce. It sounds like perfection to me!
If you’ve recently been married or know of someone that has been. Feel free to email me and submit a wedding, its too special a day not to share. xx