I understand there is a lot of squinty-eyed scepticism surrounding the concept of waking up more than half an hour before you need to leave for work…

But there’s something to be said about standing in that crispy morning air before anyone else has begun their day - listening to the birds, having a cup of tea… it’s a beautifully selfish thing, being able to enjoy the day before everyone else.

I normally jump out of bed at 6:30am if not earlier, do some exercise, make myself a healthy breakfast, sneak in a little bit of social media and plan my day all before 9am. I know it sounds horrid to a lot of people but you’d be surprised how much you can fit in before the rest of the house is up (and there’s that sneaky smugness when you watch them groggily make themselves a coffee after you’ve already completed a workout).

So to all the fellow morning people out there - I salute you! And to all the others, well, they’re probably still asleep.