What feels like way back when, before I started working full time, I was baking macarons from home and selling them to a little cafe/champagne bar. I would bake them every week, typically making about three different flavours, which always included salted caramel, and then varied through from rice pudding to lemon tart depending on my mood and what was selling well. These chocolate hazelnut ones were probably my personal favourites! Rachael also picked them out from all the posts on my blog as something she’d like featured, so I thought I’d share them with you today. My advice to you when making macarons is not to over-complicate it. Don’t read horror stories. Don’t scare yourself about whether or not your macarons will grow feet. Just follow the steps, and you should be fine! Then you’ll have your own, delicious, chewy macarons to enjoy at home. x