The past few months have been overwhelmingly busy and stressful for me, it’s been a terribly difficult time. Yet as hard as things are, it’s always nice to try and carve out a little time just for yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant, just something for you to help you recharge and enjoy a little time off.

I have always had a soft spot for ice cream - from classic vanilla, decadent chocolate, or subtle and truly delicious fruit inspired flavours. You may have noticed a new flavour that has just arrived in stores - it’s the absolutely stunning, and award winning, Kapiti Limited Edition Black Doris Plum. Not only is the colour of course gorgeous, but it’s such a soft and delicious flavour that instantly reminds me of freshly picked black doris plums from my Mum’s garden. One of my favourite treats for myself at the moment, is to either curl up with either a good book or binge watch a few episodes of Game of Thrones under a cozy warm blanket and of course a bowl or two of ice cream. It’s just so nice and a lovely way to enjoy a little time off.

So in celebration of Kapiti’s award winning ice creams, I have a $200 voucher to spend at The Market to giveaway, plus a winter’s worth of Kapiti Ice Cream! To enter, simply leave a comment below of your favourite Kapiti ice cream flavour, or share any of the images in this post on Instagram - be sure to tag @madefromscratch #mfskapitigiveaway so I know you have entered. Good luck everyone, I hope you all have a truly wonderful weekend planned and be sure to take a little time out just for your self, or take a trip to the delicious Kapiti Scoop Store and try a few of their award winning flavours this weekend. x This giveaway has now closed, thank you so much to everyone who entered.

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