A little while ago that I was treated to a little me time at Haven by a girlfriend, it was such a lovely afternoon, and of course while there I naturally started talking to them about my skin and various troubles that I’d had with it over the years. One of surprising things about my skin over the past few months is that it’s the best it has looked since I was in my mid-teens - the deep furrow between my eyebrows is lessening, my skin doesn’t flare up as quickly as it used to and it now looks healthy and full of life. They kindly mentioned that because I’m no longer under deep stress my body now has the energy to look after and repair my skin - I honestly hadn’t really given it much thought that high levels of stress over many years would have affected my skin in such a way.

So I got talking to them about a few of their treatments and how I could give my skin a little helping hand. I have never been a fan of aggressive peels or adding any more stress to your skin to make it appear younger, but what I am a fan of is products that are gently yet proven to work and also non evasive treatments that yield powerful results. Their LED Light Therapy was one that really sparked my interest, so I booked myself in for a little me time and try something new - the simple idea behind is it that works at a sub cellular, cellular and tissue level to increase collagen and elastin production. In short, your complexion will appear brighter, healthier and have a fresh youthful glow to it. Along with huge benefits (LED light therapy is so gentle, but powerful that it’s also used to help repair the skin of burn victims, which is just so lovely) they add this treatment to the end of their beautiful bespoke facial, it’s such a calming way to end a blissful facial - it feels like you’re lying outside under a gentle summer sun - plus your arms and shoulders are massaged at the same time. It’s bliss. It’s been a few days since my treatment and my skin is still glowing from it, it just feels so healthy. For those wanting to try something new, but non invasive, be sure to have a look at Haven’s full menu of treatments, I have no doubt you’ll find something to treat yourself to a little me time. x


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Photography by, Jeremy Toth