My family don’t really celebrate Christmas and so some years it’s a bit harder for me to get into the spirit of things. We also seem to have misplaced the tree, which doesn’t help… So this year I decided I’d get myself into the spirit!

As usual, the big department stores remind you fairly early on (September, really?) that Christmas is approaching. I waited until it was slightly more appropriate in mid-November to begin prep. As an illustrator, of course one of the first things in my power was to start drawing Christmassy things. Some reindeer… some candy canes… some snowflakes (yes yes, slightly inappropriate for the southern hemisphere Christmas, but nevertheless). Then I decided to make them all into wrapping paper (hooray!) which I could use to wrap the single Christmas present I had actually been organised to get before December. I have to say, wrapping presents is so therapeutic (but only the box-shaped ones).

Anyway, now that Christmas carols are playing everywhere and I’ve changed our doorbell ring to “Jingle Bells,” things are becoming festive by the day! Who needs a tree when you have your own wonderful Christmassy spirit.

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x Bel