I was lucky enough to grow up on a beautiful cattle and fruit and vegetable farm and have since always tried to source organic produce. Which is why it’s truly so lovely to see that, Anchor Milk have just released their first organic collection of milk that is now in all stores around New Zealand.

The benefits of adding milk to your diet is well known, not only is it a wonderful source of vitamins, proteins and minerals but improves your health, wellbeing, physical strength and even hair and skin. Along with delicious health benefits, I really love the ethos behind Anchor milk and the relationship that they have with their farmers. It’s a mindset that I think is simple and lovely, Anchor Organic farmers strive for ‘healthy soil, healthy cows and a healthy lifestyle’. I find it humbling that Anchor Organic milk is affordable and reasonably priced & also available nationwide, which means we organic shoppers, and those wanting to try organic produce, now have more choice when it comes to delicious organic milk for ourselves and family. We all lead such busy lifestyle and it’s reassuring to know that there is now an option available to everyone where organic produce is easily available and they’re able to add it to their daily lives, from delicious smoothie recipes to any day-to-day recipe that involves organic and locally sourced milk. I have no doubt that like me, you will all fall in love with their new milk collection. I’d love to hear what your favourite milk based recipes are, I have a delicious cake that I will be sharing shortly, so be sure to pop back to see the recipe. xx