This may sound a little strange, but lately I’ve been wanting to bake cakes that aren’t perfect, that you don’t have to ice or decorate and if you wish you can eat it straight from the tin while still warm. This is one of those cakes, and my gosh it’s so so delicious! I also thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to combine two foodie kiwi icons, Bach Espresso and Al Brown’s Smoked Butter - both products are beyond incredible and something that you really must try.

The absolutely perfect blend of almond, cocoa and of course coffee in Bach Espresso’s gorgeous packaging works so so well with the creamy smokiness of Al Browns Artisan butter. This cake really is so perfect, I love how crumbly it is and how it has the most delicious filling rippled through the middle, I have no doubt this it will quickly become your go to recipe for afternoon tea baking. x