​One of the things that hit me the hardest this year was my confidence and self esteem in my self. There is nothing as damaging or cruel as the person you love telling you that they don’t think you’re attractive, have let yourself go and don’t make an effort any more. My logical brain knows that non of that was true, but my emotional brain and my heat and soul were just crushed. So much so that I would ask my closest friends and family to tell me the truth, that I wasn’t good enough and that because I had ‘let myself go’ like he said, and that because of this it was my fault everything happened. I know that’s not at all true, but your brain and heart don’t always match. Those who know me personally know that I really like to look nice, it’s not a vanity thing, it’s just for me and it’s something I have always done. You’ll hardly ever see me leave the house without little make up on, even just a quick swish of mascara and lipstick will always make me feel better and, over time has become a little mental trick too for me to start the day properly.

So along with everything thing else this year, one thing that I did take a good look at was my style, it wasn’t because of what he cruelly said to me, it was to make me feel better. And on those really hard days, this quote would always pop into my head, and make me get up and keep going. Circumstances aside, it’s actually been really nice to look at my style and reassess everything. Through many clean outs, my style has certainly moved into a very minimal, classic and simple look - my wardrobe is made up of classic pieces that will last, and now my make up reflects that. I treated myself to a few timeless pieces from Smashbox a little while ago and am officially obsessed. I have always loved to try new looks with makeup, and at the moment I’m really enjoying a simple clean skin (their pressed powder paired with their 24 hour concealer is a lifesaver and hides so many sleepless nights!) and eye makeup, a few coasts of mascara and a beautiful lip, it’s just nice and takes no time at all to get ready each morning.

Somewhere during the horror show of our separation I had the pleasure of attending one of Verdo’s makeup classes. Hosted by the lovely and hugely talented Amber, these classes focused on how to create a classic and clean base for your face and then build on it with your eyes and of course lips. She showed each of us the simplest of tricks that work for our individual face shapes and style - everything from using peach concealer (seriously amazing stuff!), why you should always fill in your eyebrows a little and or just simply prepping and looking after your skin. There were two classes in total and after each one we all walked away with a little more of a spring in our step and left feeling just that bit more confident. For those wanting to learn a little more about how to apply your makeup properly, or are wanting a little boost in your confidence, go and have a chat to Amber. She really is just so lovely and can make any woman feel like the most beautiful person in the world. x

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