I mentioned a little while ago that I have never been incredibly fond of breakfast, I’m certainly much more of a lazy brunch kind of girl. But when I do create my first meal for the day I love mixing it up and enjoying different flavours as often as possible. No doubt you would have noticed that I have been sharing a few delicious breakfast ideas atop lightly toasted slices of Burgen Bread, they have just updated their classic recipe and it’s as delicious as ever. From salmon and cream cheese, classic poached eggs, avocado and a crack of pepper, poached eggs on grilled haloumi or fresh ricotta with a drizzle of honey there really are so many lovely and simple recipe ideas to try. I’d love to hear what your favourite topping atop lightly toasted Burgen Bread is to start your day with, I also have 10 vouchers for 10 lovely Made From Scratch readers to treat your to a loaf of their new bread. Simply leave a comment below and I will announce the winners at the end of the week. x