Inspired by my recent, and very lovely, weekend away at #thecreativesgetwaway and because I wasn’t able to bring my terrarium that I made at the workshop home due to customs, I thought I’d make my own! I shared a little peek of some gorgeous succulents on instagram yesterday and am excited to show you the end result. The truly wonderful thing about making a terrarium is that you can use any small plants, succulents or cacti that you admire and of course decorate them with the cutest of figures (like spray painted gold toys and mini mushrooms) to add a little personality to your mini world. They’re also not limited to glass bowls either - as you’re able to use anything from cups like my lovely friend Bianca recently shared, to vintage cut glass bowls and anything in between! I love that there are so many choices when it comes to creating your own mini world, I’d absolutely love to see what you create - if you do share anything, tag @madefromscratch on instagram, it would be beyond lovely to see what your mini world looks like. Take a peek below to see what I used in my terrarium that’s taken pride and place on my office desk. x

DIY: Succulent Terrarium

What you’ll need

- glass bowl or vessel - I used our old goldfish bowl
- rocks/large pebbles
- charcoal/bark
- succulent cacti mix or potting mix
- succulents of your choice - there is a photo above of what I used but here are their names: Echeveria Pulvintata, Echeveria Chocolate, Kalanchoe Pumilia, Sedum Buritto
- cute figures to decorate - I got mine from Lime Tree Bower aka Helarious x

Creating your terrarium

Starting with a empty vessel - add enough rocks/pebble to cover the base of the bowl, then add enough charcoal/bark to cover the pebbles before adding a enough soil to your bowl that will leave you enough room to plan your succulents - and allow them to grow. The layers of rock and bark are there to allow drainage for your plants.

Gently plant your succulents where you’d like them to sit - you can move them around later if you don’t like the position. Add in a few figures, I have a gold lion, giraffe and kangaroo along side a sweet mini mushroom. And that’s it, you’ve just created a beautiful terrarium. Lightly water until the soil is just wet to touch and allow the soil to, almost, dry out before watering again. Place your terrarium in bright spot, but not in direct sunlight and enjoy! These gorgeous mini worlds also make the best gifts for someone special. I can’t wait to see and hear how you go creating your own succulent terrarium. Make sure to tag @madefromscratch on instagram when you’re finished! x