I quickly mentioned yesterday that I was going to share my weekend away in Sydney, and I’m beyond excited about this post. What started out as stumbling upon Erika and Nia’s beautiful Instagram feeds and becoming online friends, quickly and thankfully, turned into a truly incredible weekend away in Pearl Beach just outside of Sydney. A little while ago an idea was pitched that we should all catch up for a weekend away, we’d met online and always commented about how lovely it would be to catch up and meet each other in person. Thankfully this small idea turned into a reality as the weekend just gone was beyond stunning, where delicious meals were shared, workshops were had and of course many laughs and photos shared on Instagram. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and spending the weekend with Erika (who captured all the beautiful photos below), Nia, Jasmin, Helen, Chantal, Galina, Lindy and Chloe - we all arrived only knowing each other via our Instagram accounts and left as friends. This still completely fills my heart with so much joy, as something as simple as an app can bring so many wonderful people together….

Thank you so very much to; Helen for hosting her gorgeous ‘helarious’ terrarium workshop (which broke my heart that I couldn’t bring mine home through customs!) Chantal for sharing her delicious tips and tricks for making mini marzipan figurines, Chloe and her beautiful traditional Japanese book-binding workshop and the truly lovely Galina for teaching us how to create our own ‘hand’ in her beginners calligraphy class. I was also lucky enough to host a class on making my Parisian flan - which was throughly enjoyed over a glass or two of wine while playing Monopoly later that evening. I can’t thank these incredible ladies enough for such a stunning weekend, each are beyond talented and are too lovely for words - I left so inspired and with a full and happy heart, I already can’t wait for the next weekend away! x