For a long time now I’ve wanted to start up a blog, for many reasons I haven’t really started, pure laziness, fear of writing on a blog and generally just haven’t really put much thought into it!
NOT any more, over the last week I’ve been collecting a few things that I’ve been doing lately and with the help of my wonderful fiance (soon to be husband) and his amazing mind at being as to write HTML! I’ve finally got my blog up and running - it will be a mixture of everything really from;

  • Cooking and Baking -  my new favourite past time and something that Ben and all our friends are thoroughly enjoying!
  • Craft’s - for the last year I’ve been trying my hand at making plush toy’s and am now making my own patterns.
  • Photography - I’m not the best, but I’m learning and I enjoy taking photo’s of every day things
  • Our Wedding - The big day is on the 30th of October,  I’d like to share a little something of the last 6 weeks of organising!
  • Style - Anything that’s cool really, from fashion, art, makeup, gadgets, anything really.
  • And lastly to have fun - this wont be a serious blog, it will just be light hearted and fun!

I really hope that you enjoy everything that i put on here - and my grammar isn’t too shocking for you all.
Love Rach. xx