​Today was such a cold and rainy Parisian day - but even with the cold, Paris is still such a beautiful place to explore. You just have to walk smaller distances, and find places to visit that are warm - and thankfully with the huge list of museums, galleries and sites to choose from it’s not a hard task to find something beautiful to explore.

I planned to go to the Gustave Moreau Museum, sadly it’s closed for a little while as it’s being renovated - and because I didn’t want to walk too far from Monmartre (where I’m staying) I decided I’d visit the beautiful Palais Garnier. I have walked past this iconic Opera house so many times, but have never gone inside - the outside is of course so beautiful - and if you like you can sit on the front steps and listen to buskers play and people watch, or you can go inside, where it’s warm.

One of the things that I love the most about the historic French buildings is that the outside is of course grand, but they’re also rather minimal. However when you enter these magnificent buildings you can’t help but stop in awe and just stare at the opulence, art work and marvel in its rich history. There is always something so special about walking into these buildings and looking up, something always catches in your breath and you fall in love with this wonderful culture a little more.

The Palais Garnier really is such a special place to visit, the main staircase and foyers are of course breathtakingly beautiful. But my absolute favourite part of this space was the quite Bibliotheque-Musee de L’Opera, a space quietly tucked away from the crowds and, to be honest, is a library of my dreams. It’s cosy, warm and full of stories, memories and of course plays and music that have been performed at the Opera over the years - and the smell, it smells like warm old leather and it’s just magic. Plus as you wander through these beautiful rooms, you also get the most wonderful view over the rooftops of Paris - and when it isn’t raining, you’re also able to see the Lourve. It’s just magic.

The thing that I love the most about my time in Paris at the moment is that an entire day can be taken up by simply visiting one place. My only goal today was to brave the weather and visit somewhere beautiful - and of course, if you’re wanting to add a little more to your day after visiting the Palais. You could brave the crowds at The Galeries Lafayette. Or, my favourite and preferred option any day to shopping, is to wrap your scarf and jacket a little tighter around you and go in search of another cherry blossom tree and warm croissant and coffee before wandering back to your apartment to start the wonderful task of documenting your time in Paris. It really is a dream come true, and coming here has been the best decision I have ever made. xo