I shared that I had started reading Rising Strong by Brené Brown last weekend and had such a truly lovely response by so many of you saying that you were so pleased that I was reading her latest book. The truth is that no-one had recommended Rising Strong to me. I spotted it in one of my favourite bookshops just before Christmas last year, it was one of those hard days, where everything feels heavy and overwhelming. The second I spotted her book the title naturally hit a cord with me and I simply had to find out more about Rising Strong. The idea of feeling strong at that point felt like a mythical creature that I’d never be able to catch, I didn’t have anything to loose, and if Brené Browns words could help, even a little, then it would be money well spent.

Fast forward to this weekend where I finished her book and have since been trying to work out a way how to sum up and share how I felt about reading Rising Strong. The truth is I can’t. It took me less than 10 pages of her book to cry, laugh, text a close friend to tell her (who has just finished reading it) that my mind was blowing apart, and simply stare at her words in surprised shock that someone else completely and honestly understands how hard it is to start over. But more than that, is able explain your confused and hurt feelings about grief, shame, vulnerability, disappointment, love, trust, fear and self doubt in such a powerful, calm, kind, honest and moving way. And then gently explain how to keep an eye out for those feelings, navigate (rumble) through them and most importantly, learn and grow from those emotions - not just shove them to one side and expect things to naturally be better by avoiding the situation.

I don’t know how to sum up her book, so much of what she talked about went straight to my heart. Her work is truly brilliant, inspiring and teaches you how to not only rise strong in a difficult situation, but how you can be there for others. For anyone going through a hard time, have been through one or simply want to learn some wonderful resources on how to better yourself - I can’t recommend Rising Strong by Brené Brown more. It’s wonderful and one of the most helpful and inspiring books I have read in a while and is definitely one I know I will read again and again over the coming months and years. Plus, I love her SFD (shitty first draft) tip to working through problems, it’s brilliant. There are so many points and quotes from her book you will want to remember (this is definitely a book to read with a pencil close by), this is one of the many that made an impact on me; ” Failure can become nourishment if we are willing to get curious, show up vulnerable and human, and put rising strong into practice”.