I mentioned a little in this post that I am really enjoying baking again - and it’s true, it’s so nice to be back in the kitchen and regaining my confidence there again. But frustratingly and sadly each time that I bake something, all I can think of is my old home and kitchen. And then I get upset at the reminder that most of my kitchen and baking equipment it tightly packed away and my home was unfairly taken from me. It’s the weird every day things that tend to shake you the most. But at the same time, it’s good to face them, realise that they are now just a memory, they can’t hurt you any more and it’s time to pull yourself together, remind yourself of how far you have come and then make the recipe that you have always loved to make.

And this Classic Lemon Tart is one of those - I have lost count at how many times I have made this recipe of the years. Each time I make it I tweak the recipe ever so slightly, and this is the new take on my first lemon tart recipe that I shared years and years ago. Try not to get too overwhelmed with all of the steps below, it looks like a lot, but break it down, take your time and at the end you will have a delicious silky, sweet but tangy lemon tart recipe to share with your friends and family. Oh, and pair with a delicious glass of New Zealand Rosé for a perfect summer dessert. I’d love to hear what your all time favourite recipe to make and tweak over time is. x