One of the best, but hardest pieces of advice to take while you’re going through something traumatic. Is to simply look after yourself. It’s hard advice to take because you’re just in survival mode, and the idea of having to add another ‘task’ to your already overwhelming list is just far too difficult to manage at times. That said though, no matter how hard the day was I would really try and do something each day that meant I was looking after myself - somedays it was as essential as eating and trying to sleep or making time for a friends, or at times just getting through the day was more than enough, but one of the loveliest things that I did was to take a little extra time just for me and start looking after my skin and health a little more.

To be honest, I can’t remember how I stumbled upon Ashleigh Scott and her beautiful space in City Works Depot - or how I ended with a booking there one terribly cold and sad winters day last year. I remember being so sad, overwhelmed and in such a deep state of shock with everything that was happening at that time, that I lay down and silently cried and talked through most of the facial. And after an hour or so, I walked out calmer than I had felt in weeks and immediately rebooked. At the time, I wasn’t at all interested in my skin, I just wanted someone to be there for me. And over the next few months, I would return for my regular bespoke facial (and time just for me) talk things through and it was only then Ashely started to gently guide me to how I should now be looking after my skin, health and wellbeing. And in turn I ended up gaining a wonderful friend who truly walked into my life at just the time I needed, and her gentle and thoughtful care is something I’ll never forget.

When I started seeing Ashely, my skin was in terrible shape with the amount of stress that I was under. And yet, she didn’t once make me ‘feel bad’ about it, or press anything new onto me apart from adding Bestow Beauty Oil (which I’ve now dubbed at miracle oil!) with my breakfast each morning (I simply mix a tablespoon in with my yoghurt and it has done wonders for my skin, hair and nails) - she knew I couldn’t handle anymore information, so she took small steps to make sure that I was getting enough from of my diet at the time and also looking after my skin. Plus it was lovely to also in a way hand the ‘responsibility’ of my skin to someone else while I didn’t have the brain power for it. And after being a very loyal customer there since last year, I am incredibly proud and to say that I’m finally happy and confident with my skin - I’ve never ever been ok with my skin so this in it’s self is huge. The dryness/lack of life, annoying spots, etc have all vanished and my skin is now clear and healthy. So much so that even Ashleigh is now commenting constantly on her ‘handy work’ of my skin - and her gentle holistic approach to skincare and wellbeing is absoultely stunning and really does work. She has mentioned that she’s only just ‘tapped the surface’ of what she can do with my health and wellbeing so I am really looking forward to seeing what else she is able to clear up/repair with my skin. Ashleigh and her beautiful team of women truly did bring me back to life in a way and I want to share her incredible business with you. So if you have been searching for someone who can introduce you to holistic skincare and wellbeing in a caring and calm space, then be sure to get in touch with Ashleigh and talk through your skincare goals with her. x

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