Something lovely has been happening lately, I am wanting to bake and create again - I bake when I’m happy, it’s so nice and such a relief to feel ‘normal’ again. One of the things I loved most about My Parisian Dream was the addition of delicious recipes, language tips and places to visit - it’s not only a wonderful memoir, but also a guide to Paris. This chocolate cake recipe was kindly gifted to Kate from a close friend (her Parisian family) and the second I read though this simple, but wonderfully elegant recipe I knew I had to try it.

I have always been drawn to recipes that are simple to make, but most importantly you’re able to make them most of the time without having to go to the food shop. This is one of those cakes, it’s takes no time to prepare, is sinfully silky and of course delicious when served with freshly whipped cream and summer berries. I have no doubt you’ll enjoy not only this recipe, but the wonderful book it kindly came from. x