​I should be the absolute last person in the world to want to jump onto the Valentines Day bandwagon this year - during our 11 year relationship we never really celebrated it, but I do have to admit that for the first time in a long time it’s really odd and slightly sad to not be someones ‘valentine’. That said though, I have absolutely no trouble in standing a little taller this year, not getting caught up in it too much and treating myself to something special - and really flowers and jewellery is just so nice no matter what the occasion. Plus there is no reason Valentines Day has to be for couples, what about treating yourself to something nice, or even better, sending a thoughtful gift or flowers to one of your best friends to show them how much they mean to you.

One of my closest friends and someone who I’m truly in awe and so proud of is Mel from Bloom Social - she is possibly the hardest working women I know and it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch her floral subscription business grow over the past year and her Valentines Edit this year is just incredible. She mentioned the idea of creating a Valentines gift for your bestie a while ago and I think it’s just such a lovely and kind idea to spread the love a little more this year with your closest girlfriends. Bloom Social’s Valentines edit this year isn’t just about beautiful flowers - they have teamed up with Moochi and Essie (honestly a match made in gift giving heaven) so that you’re able to add a elegant earring, necklace or nail polish duo to your floral order. Such a simple, thoughtful and really lovely idea that no doubt any one of your closest friends would love to receive this year - or of course yourself, this is my ‘valentines’ treat that I got just for me that I can’t wait to arrive. Be sure to take a peek at their site, I have no doubt you’ll find a perfect gift for yourself or someone special. x

Bloom Social

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