It’s probably not much of a surprise that I have been reading almost anything to do with Paris at the moment. It’s only a few very short months until I fly back, and I honestly can’t wait to get back there, take some time, and of course share my Paris journey and Fresh Start with you.

I have been so flattered and so touched by how many of you have shared your favourites books with me since I shared my love of reading. A a truly lovely MFS reader recommended Paris Letters to me, she told me it’s not only one of her most popular books in her shop, but also gave such a lovely description about it that I bought it that evening. She kindly shared; “you can read it two ways, as a motivational, inspirational book - how to change and simplify your life, reach goals or simply as a really lovely story about a girl who goes to Paris.” So book bought, and the second I started reading Paris Letters, I completely fell in love with it, finished in less than two days and can honestly say it’s one of the loveliest books I have read in such a long time. And oddly, has calmed down a lot of my nerves about moving to Paris for three months.

Paris Letters is a beautiful, funny and incredibly inspiring travel memoir by Janice MacLeod. Where she created her ‘exit plan’ from a busy and stressful life as a copy writer, to saving enough money to buy herself two years of freedom traveling through Europe. She shared her journey on her blog and after drastically downsizing her life in the states, saving more than she ever expected, moved to Paris and ending up finding and creating a beautiful life. Her dream was to become an artist in Paris, and through her love of illustration, letter writing and sharing her travels, she slowly built up a simple, thoughtful and successful Etsy shop by sending a letter and illustration of the places that she visited. She started sending letters to just her friends, then word quickly spread, and now Janice sends hundreds of letters every year through her subscription service. This is just one incredibly lovely parts of her book - nearly every word, story and drive for wanting something better really made such an impact on me. It’s not just about moving to Paris, falling in love and finding a beautiful new life. It’s also about really looking at your life, working out what’s important to you and how to bravely, but realistically, follow your dreams and of course slowing down and actually learning to enjoy and be present in your life. Oh, and make sure you read this book with a pencil nearby, there are so many wonderful quotes you will want to remember.

For those wanting a beautiful, funny, inspiring, refreshing and simply wonderful book about creating a life that you truly want and not being afraid try something new - then you will absolutely adore Paris Letters. It’s already a book a that I know I will read again and recommend to anyone. And as one of Janice’s friends say - “The only way to happiness is to find people with whom you can eat, drink and laugh. That is all. That is everything… And a spoonful of Nutella each day makes life more beautiful. It’s an antidepressant”. x