I honestly can’t believe that I have already been in Paris for a full week - it truly feels like I have been here forever. In Auckland my days and weeks would rush past in a blink of an eye, but in Paris, time seems to have magically gone back to a ‘normal’ pace. And I love it. I have to admit I’m still trying to get used to a different time zone while still working in Auckland - but thankfully with the internet anything is manageable.

The past week has been filled with so many wonderful moments - and I think the nicest part of all is that I’m not in a rush to be anywhere or see or do anything. A whole day can be taken up with something as wonderful as reading a book in your favourite boulangerie, before being taken on another date to a delicious authentic French restaurant where their food is so good it could change your life - then wandering through Montmartre dodging the freezing snowfall between burst of sun. Or simply walking to the Eiffel Tower in search of more delicate cherry blossoms and calling your brother in Sydney on Skype, and taking him on a tour from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre so that he’s able to see Paris. I couldn’t have loved technology more than I did today, it was such a special moment to be able to share with him.

I also spent the most wonderful day yesterday with my dear friend Carole from November7. Where she kindly shared with me a few of her favourite places in Paris, including the delicious and Carette - where their pastries are almost, almost, too beautiful to eat. Life is simple here, and I truly love it.

Spring time in Paris really is everything that everyone say’s it is - it’s just beautiful. It may be colder than normal (hence the snow!) but even with the cold, you know that warmer days are just around the corner and there is something so lovely about watching a city come to life. And I’m so looking forward to seeing what the next few weeks will bring. x