​Of all the months that have ended recently, January has to be easily one of the loveliest months I can remember in such a long time. A whole month where I didn’t have to deal with a new heartbreak or disappointment - it was a month full of laughter, endless days at the beach, spending time with beloved friends and family, reading as much as time will allow and learning what its like to be just me and changing how I work so I’m working smarter, not harder. And to quote one of the softest spoken, deeply caring and supportive friends of mind who has stood by me through so so much, ‘that’s just bloody lovely!”. And it is. If every month can be as beautiful as January has been, then 2016 is shaping up to be a really lovely year, and one I’m going to completely embrace and remind myself to be in the moment of. So to remind myself of a wonderful start to the new year, and that every month doesn’t have to be filled with sadness, here is a collection of my favourite photos I have shared on Instagram. I hope you’re all having a lovely start to your year too, I’d love to hear how it’s been so far. xo

my favourite pieces for the new year