My gosh, can anyone else believe that it’s already December, and how has a whole month has passed since I shared my October Instagram roundup? I feel like I’ve packed in about 10 years worth of life into this year, it’s been so incredibly hard and I have never looked forward to an end of a year more than this one. The start of December of course brings with it summer in New Zealand, which is always a lovely time of the year, but also Christmas. I’m quietly dreading the lead up to Christmas, I adore this time of the year, but it just feels really strange to be trying to celebrate a time that was always filled with so much love when your heart has been broken. As with everything else this year, this Christmas will be another first first, as hard as it will be, I don’t want to ‘ruin’ it so am looking for ways to create new memories and try to get into the Christmas spirit a little more. I’ll of course let you know how I get on over the next few weeks.

So with the start of a new month, and the end of the year quickly approaching, here are a few of my favourite images that I shared on Instagram last month - a month where little chinks of armour, strength and courage started to come back. And last night was a night that I re found my voice in a way - I was invited to host a ladies evening in Beachlands, and it was just so incredibly lovely. I did a little baking demonstration, shared the story of MFS and had the absolute pleasure of meeting some incredibly kind and generous women. It has been years since I’ve hosted a baking class or spoken at an event, and I’d forgotten how much I missed it and how happy and fulfilled I felt being able to share a little of what I know with others. It’s absolutely something I’d love start again one day, maybe not right now, but when the time comes I really can’t wait to host another MFS workshop. It’s really such a relief that each month gets a little easier, you regain a little more of your self and slowly start looking forward to what the future will hold. I hope you are all having a truly lovely week so far and are enjoying the start of the festive season. x