I’ve been hinting for quite a while at an exciting project that I’ve been busy working on behind the scenes and I was so proud to unveil Made From Scratch Contributors yesterday with a gorgeous post by Marnie Hawson. I’m terribly excited and so proud to introduce these incredibly talented and lovely ladies to Made From Scratch, they will kindly be contributing events, recipes, illustrations, photography and beautiful florals to the site.

It’s always been a dream of mine to turn Made From Scratch into a place where I’m able to share other peoples work, help them build their brand and business and of course share more lifestyle inspiration with you each day, in a sense, it’s mini blogging within a blog. You’ll notice their logo on the main page when they’ve shared a post and their profile within the post too, any post by me won’t have these touches, it’s a lovely way to show the contributors to you. I’m so proud to finally unveil this exciting project and beyond honoured to have a group of such talented woman apart of this. I’ve no doubt that you’ll quickly fall in love with what they have planned for Made From Scratch, be sure to keep an eye on their profiles and follow their work here. x