Among all of the wonderful projects I was lucky enough to work on during 2014, one that still takes my breath away was our humble home being featured amongst the beautiful pages of Your Home and Garden. I never in my wildest dreams thought that our renovated state house would ever grace the pages of such an inspiring and iconic magazine, it was a home decor dream come true and I’m still so proud. Having the lovely ladies from Your Home and Garden in our home for the day and watching them style and photograph our home was so much fun, watching them coo Kora into sitting still for as long as possible and of course enjoying slices of delicious Caramelised Apple Cake.

For those who we’re unable to see our home in their November issue, I’m so thrilled and beyond excited to be able to share the images from this lovely feature with you today. We’ve been renovating our home constantly since we bought it in April 2011 and are so proud with how it’s turned out - it started off yellow, very tired and in need of a lot of love and crisp white paint! When we started renovating our home someone gave us the most wonderful piece of advice, it was simply, style and design to how you will live your life. It’s your home and you will be the one who will be enjoying it everyday, so do what works for you and you’ll have a home that you quickly adore.

I hope you enjoy the peek into our home and that it inspires you with any renovations or home decor updates you have planned, we’ve already gotten the home renovation bug - so for now our all white home with bright pops of colour is where we will stay for a little while, but we’re already excited to renovated and style another home one day. I hope you all have a wonderful day planned, and again a massive thank you to Your Home and Garden, these beautiful photos wouldn’t be here to share without them. x