Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of attending one of the most delicious, and lovely, new cafes in Auckland with my good friend Mel from All the Frills where we dreamed up some exciting projects that we’re can’t wait to share with you. Open Table is one of Auckland’s very best kept secrets, it’s already opened to rave reviews throughout the cafe world and for good reason too - not only does it serve delicious Kokako coffee, it also boasts one of the most creative, and incredible, breakfast menus I’ve tried in such a long time. You won’t see traditional breakfast meals like eggs benedict here, instead you will find meals like grapefruit sprinkled in vanilla sugar, creamy mushrooms served with truffled polenta and grainy toast (I chose this and completely fell in love!) and Spiced fish cakes served with tomato sauce, sautéed silver beet, poached egg and hollandaise. Not only does this gorgeous cafe serve a truly stunning menu, it came about from the generous help of the community in Ellerslie…

...Open Table first came about as an idea from, owner, Hannah Feenstra’s entrepreneurship degree, where she and her partner Dylan spotted perfect site on a quiet street in Ellerslie back in 2012. From there they shared their idea on Kickstarter, handed out over 5000 leaflets promoting their cafe and campaign, hosted a street party outside the soon to be cafe and gained overwhelming support from the local community through word of mouth and social media. This stunning community spirt throughout Ellerslie helped them raise $20,000 in donations from generous locals who loved the idea of a sustainable, community-focused café that serves a perfect cup of coffee and even better food! Open Table now pride themselves on serving delicious free range, pork and chicken from the local butcher, organic milk, eggs and (Kokako) coffee, cold-pressed juice from Freshpress and freshly baked bread and pastries from Bread and Butter Bakery. I had no idea about this incredible story until Mel told me over our meals yesterday, I found it so lovely and inspiring that I simply had to share this beautiful cafe with you! If you’re looking for somewhere new to visit this weekend, be sure to visit Open Table, I’ve no doubt you’ll quickly fall in love with this cafe as much I did. Happy Friday everyone, I hope you all have truly wonderful weekend planned. x

Open Table

62 Michaels Ave
Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand

Open: 7.30-3.30, Monday to Friday, and 8-4 weekends.