I have often shared how much I love collecting art, not only it is a lovely way to support local artists, but it has always been one of my favourite ways to decorate as each piece tells a story. I almost can’t believe it’s taken me this long to introduce you one an old friend of mine and one of my favourite New Zealand artists. I have been lucky enough to know Rob Tucker since school, and it’s been an absolute joy to watch his work develop over the last 10 years. An you no doubt may have recognised two of his pieces in our old home - one from his breakthrough and sell out ‘Belmont’ show and a piece I had commissioned.

A few weeks ago I spent a really lovely morning catching up with Rob in his Auckland studio, where he showed me a few pieces he is currently work on and filled me in on all of the wonderful projects that he has coming up. Rob’s art is rough and impossibly beautiful - he has perfected the balance of creating a still life that ‘comes to life’ in it’s own way. His pieces are heavily layered, scratched back, drawn into and worked on until they completely come to life. One of the things that has always drawn me to his work is that you’re always finding something new in it, whether it’s a tiny illustration he’s marked into the paint, or a inlay of collage. His work is absolutely stunning and I am in awe of his latest collection.

For those wanting to see more of his work, Rob is currently working on a body of work for the upcoming prestigious Sydney Contemporary art fair this September, as well as adding new pieces to Rebecca Hossack Gallery based in London and New York City. Of course, be sure to have a look at his website and follow him on Instagram to see what he’s currently working on. x