One of the things that I absolutely adore about social media, is how easy it is for you to meet lovely new people all around the world. I stumbled upon Kimmy Hogan’s beautiful work one night while wandering through Instagram and was just blown away by how simple, elegant and and completely memorising her pieces are. When I moved out of our home, I didn’t take a lot of the art that we had collected together, some pieces were just too hard to see and keep. So, I am slowly re-building my collection piece by piece and started with a little online shopping and purchased two beautiful pieces by Kimmy. I can’t wait to style and share my new pieces with you, but before then I simply had to introduce you to her work. It’s just perfect and Kimmy is just the loveliest person. Be sure to take a peek at her site and Instagram, I have no doubt you will completely fall in love with her work. xo