“Fashion without craft is just stuff” - Good Winter

It’s so nice to introduce my talented friends, Jared and Claire at Good Winter. This talented duo - design and handcraft beautiful leather accessories using New Zealand made materials and true craftsmanship.

I always like to keep tabs on what these guys are doing and visit them at their studio when I can. Their studio is comfortable, well used and slowly growing with all sorts of new machines and tools. Jared comes from a background of designing and crafting leather accessories so he’s a whizz kid on the machines and Claire is a quick learner who has learnt many skills (from sourcing/helping to sew/prepping leather etc.) and helps steer the business. Pretty neat team and very inspiring.

I love being inspired by people who use craft to create their work; and it’s awesome to know my mates have cut and sewn together works of art. I even had the pleasure of helping make my limited edition box. label leather key rings with them. Yes, I was very weak and it took a while to create the keyring hole using a hammer and a metal piece to punch into the leather - however I got there. It’s a lovely process, measuring, cutting, stamping in your logo and creating little key rings to keep. As small as the key rings are, it’s a little achievement to experience a bit of their craft.

All in all, support local because it’s important to appreciate the wonderful talent we have here and to be inspired.

For more information and to check out Good Winter’s collection visit: here